FLEAT: Dominic Amon Nyasulu to deliver a keynote address at The Road to COP26 online meeting

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FLEAT regional group 2 member, Dominic Amon Nyasulu, will be delivering a keynote address at The Road to COP26 online meeting.

Nyasulu highlights this meeting as An opportunity for young people in Malawi to share their ideas and input on NDCs, NAP and Malawi COP26 preparation process.

Dominic Amon Nyasulu, from Malawi, is a member of the FLEAT  regional group representing the Catholic faith.  He is the Programmes Manager for the National Youth Network On Climate Change (NYNCC) and Founder of World Faith Malawi.

Dominic’s core focus is the national awareness campaign on banning thin plastic bags and single-use plastic, and enhancing small scale green entrepreneurship for Malawian youths.

Read more about his FLEAT journey here.