Food and Climate Justice

Our Food and Climate Justice programme seeks to empower faith communities to better understand and to actively advocate for agroecological systems that promote sustainable consumption and help to build climate resilience. We oppose destructive food systems like factory farming, industrial agriculture and GMOs and advocate for sustainable, equitable alternatives.

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What is Food and Climate Justice?

The dominant industrial food system is driving climate collapse, social injustice, ecological devastation and health pandemics - including hunger, obesity and malnutrition.

We are calling on industry and government to radically transform the food system, to restore our spiritual connection to food and farming. We also urge decision-makers to implement ethical, social and environmentally just food governance.

The programme aims to:

Promote agroecology - the application of ecological principles to agricultural systems and practices - through advocacy, campaigns and social networks, leveraging partners’ activities to reach wider faith communities and civil society networks.

  • Raise awareness of the industrialisation of food systems and its impact on animal, human, environmental and climate health.
  • Strengthen the capacity of faith leaders and communities to advocate for food and climate justice.
  • Address key industrial food system policies and practices in South Africa.
  • Increase support for sustainable farming, ethical food production, and transparency.
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