People of faith, caring for living earth.

The Southern African Faith Communities’ Environment Institute (SAFCEI) is a multi-faith environmental justice organisation that actively supports faith leaders and their communities to take action for a just and sustainable future.

Energy and
Climate Justice

We are working to realise a just energy transition, that would be accessible, affordable, sustainable energy for all. With faith leaders and communities from the region, we create spaces to learn from each other and galvanise collective action, recognising the unequal impact of climate change on those least responsible for emissions.


Food and
Climate Justice

We promote nature-based farming, including agroecological systems. We advocate for sustainable, equitable alternatives to factory farming, industrial agriculture and GMOs. We empower faith communities to promote sustainable consumption and help to build climate resilience.



We advocate for a humane and compassionate world, where the rights of all beings, including wild and farmed animals, are respected and upheld. Our primary campaign, Cage-Free SA, calls for an end to using battery cages for egg-laying hens.


Faith Leader Environmental
Advocacy Training

Our Faith Leader Environmental Advocacy Training (FLEAT) is a peer-learning network that empowers people of faith across Southern and East Africa to advocate for the environment and justice in their communities.


Stories from Faith Leaders in Action

These are stories of hope.

Our vision is to empower people across our region to speak out to protect Earth’s living systems, promote climate resilience and actively prioritise a sustainable future for all.

Watch these faith leaders in action and be inspired.


What we’ve achieved together, so far

405+ million people

We’ve reached millions of people through the media and our platforms.

80+ faith communities

We’ve collaborated with over 80 different faith communities and partners across Southern and East Africa, and beyond.

5 high-impact campaigns

#NuclearFreeSA; #EnergyPlan4All; #CageFreeSA; #Faiths4SustainableConsumption; #GreenActionWeek.

110 policy interventions

We’ve intervened on over 110 policy briefs relating to environmental and climate justice issues.

Resource Hub

Visit our Resource Hub for expert knowledge and quality learning materials in support of a just, sustainable future. With thanks to our partners and dedicated activists who have contributed their valuable expertise.

News & Events

Join us for an evening panel discussion on Nuclear Power with Vladimir Slivyak in Cape Town - 23 July 2024

Join us for a special evening panel discussion co-hosted by SAFCEI and Earthlife Africa, with award-winning Russian environmentalist Vladimir Slivyak...

SAFCEI hybrid AGM - 27 August 2024

Please join us on 27 August 2024 at 5:00 pm (SAST) for our hybrid Annual General Meeting (AGM) where we will be sharing highlights and achievements...