Philippi Horticultural Area Information Day

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Invitation to PHA information day

Fact or fiction? The Philippi Horticultural Area in our focus…

You are invited to attend a tour on Saturday 18th February from 2.00 pm to 5pm at the PHA Food & Farming Campaign Centre on Schaapkraal Road.

Frequently in the news, this 3,000 hectare farmland with a history that spans back to 1885, the PHA is under threat of mining and housing developments.

Providing up to 80% of Cape Town’s fresh vegetables, (200 000 tonnes a year!) the PHA is the primary recharge zone of the Cape Flats Aquifer, which is replenished annually by water from its winter wetlands seeping through the farmlands and floodplains.

According to the PHA convenor, Nazeer Sonday, the negative narrative on the PHA is false: “leaf samples of the vegetables we are duty-bound to have tested before sending to the markets show them to be world class. Because the aquifer water is filtered by dune sand, we could also provide as much as 30% of Cape Town’s fresh water needs.”

You have the opportunity to visit this magnificent area, teaming with productivity! You’ll be amazed at the scale and beauty of the area.

Speakers: Please see the attached invitation

Directions: To get there, travel down 5th Ave Grassy Park, It becomes Schaapkraal Road. Follow it until you get to the green building on the left hand side. The PHA campaign centre is behind it.

RSVP: Mariette on 082 8302353 or