World Egg Day

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Today is World Egg Day, and to commemorate this day, in our fight against battery cages in egg production, we would like to highlight some of the good associated with cage- free eggs.

In most cases where poultry farming is concerned, conditions are normally poor which compels producers to heavily rely on antibiotics to ward off diseases, whereas in cage free environments hens are less prone to disease due to the healthiness of the living conditions.

In terms of health benefits, pasture-reared hens have shown to lay eggs with a significant vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids. These health benefits are argued to be due to the hens’ standard diet which include grass, worms and insects.

Consumers usually associate eggs with a darker yolk with improved health and taste, which studies have found that is commonly found pasture-reared eggs. These are just a few positives one can take into consideration in support of cage-free eggs.

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By Zwelisha Shobede