The Sustainability book: A Christian faith perspective on the Sustainable Development Goals

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A new publication, The Sustainability Book offers online texts and resources about the Sustainable Development Goals for use by congregations, gatherings, and individuals.

"The struggle for peace, for the environment and for justice is by no means new,” reads the foreword. “Although the struggle is old, these goals create a new impetus.”

It is the sum of all of our actions that determines the path forward, the editors write. “In our everyday lives, we can choose climate-friendly solutions, we can buy clothes that are ethically manufactured, and we can pick up plastic along the beach,” the foreword reads. “In order to change the basic structures that create conflict, injustice and environmental degradation, we must be united in our cause.”

The book invites churches and Christian organisations to make up a network with branches in communities around the world. “Will we be able to use the resources we have at our disposal to generate meaningful changes?” the editors ask.

“The combination of facts, Biblical reflections, questions and prayers will allow you to use this book as a resource in sermons, Bible study groups, confirmation teachings and devotions.”

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Source: World Council of Churches

Image Source: Mari Kvale ( The Sustainability Book)