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On Monday Barack Obama shifted the fight against climate change up a gear. He announced the United States will be massively reducing carbon emissions from power plants and supporting a real, meaningful shift towards clean energy. This is huge.

But it isn’t enough just to see this happening in the United States. We need every leader, in every one of our countries around the world, to step up and pledge to do the same.

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This autumn a group of pilgrims as part of The People’s Pilgrimage, are carrying a petition from Rome to Paris which says:

‘Our world is a gift. We want 100% clean energy by 2050, and future that is safe from climate change

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Obama didn’t make this happen all by himself. He is listening to scientists and people around the world like us, from churches and mosques, synagogues and universities have been working together. We’ve prayed, signed petitions, held vigils and marches - and Obama’s announcement shows how leaders pay attention when enough of us start moving.

Our petition, for a better, cleaner future is a powerful message. It celebrates our world as gift from god and reminds everyone how entwined we are. We can bring hope that the shift to clean energy is possible, and our faith carries a moral clarity that pushes past the politics. Rejoice in the good news and click here to visit The People’s Pilgrimage site and sign the petition for a better future.

Alex Price

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