The Green TLC Sunday message

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The symbol of the sun in Christianity has come to represent life, love, light, warmth, knowledge, and even Jesus himself. Psalm 19 v 1 rejoices: The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament shows his handiwork.

This made me reflect on the wonders of nature, and in particular the incredible process known as heliotropism, which refers to plants that follow the sun. I am sure you have observed indoorplants growing towards the light... Sunflowers are a popular example, because they lift their heads to the light and follow the course of the sun during the day.

But recently I learned something more - about what happens on a cloudy day. It seems that sunflowers in particular turn their faces to each other. Apparently, they share their own light with their neighbours.  Imagine how much compassion we could bring to the world if we imagine that every time we look at someone, we are beaming our light at them, sharing our light.  But the primary focus is the Great, Original Source of Light in our Lives.  Jesus called himself The Light of the World (John 18:12) and said that whoever follows him will not walk in darkness. Let us give thanks every day for blessing of the sun, even on the days we can't actually see it.

- The Green Teaching and Learning Community