Prayers and Poems

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Hindu prayers on compassion for Animals

Selection of the Yajur Veda on compassion for animals

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Jewish Prayer to Protect the Animals

Rabbi Richard Newman’s Prayer on Protecting Animals. Download here

Prayer for Peace

A Prayer for Peace inspired by the teachings of St Terese of Liseux

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Jewish Prayers on Compassion for the Earth

Psalms relating to compassion for the earth

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Buddhist Prayer – Children of the Earth

A Buddhist prayer composed by the Dalai Lama

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A Prayer of Commitment

A Prayer of Commitment to the Earth

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A Prayer for Healing

Prayer for the healing, Only One Earth, 1990, United Nations Environment Programme

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Recycling Prayers

Anglican Youth of Southern Africa

Prayers for World Environment Day

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Prayers for Animal Welfare

Modern and ancient Christian prayers for Animal Compassion

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Prayer: God of all Creation

A Prayer for Creation

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CAFOD prayer for climate change

A prayer for climate change titled ‘Open Our Eyes’ supplied by CAFOD

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CAFOD Climate intercession prayers

Prayers for climate intercession that were put together for the Speak Up For The Love Of campaign

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Prayers: Our Voices Earth Hour

The prayers and statements represent a sampling of resources which may help you organise a moment of prayer during Earth Hour.

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Prayers for the climate COP21

Here are some Christian (Anglican) prayers ahead of COP21 in Paris in 2015, for Advent and the international climate negotiations.

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Selections from “At the River Clarion” – Mary Oliver

Poem by Mary Oliver – At the River Clarion

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Poem – People of faith caring for the sacred community of life

Poem for people of faith caring for the sacred community of life

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Psalm of the Cosmos

Modern Psalm of the Cosmos

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All Creation is a Song of Praise to God

Meditation and prayers on Compassion with Hildegard von Bingen's artwork - "All creation is a song of praise to God"

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