Learning from nature: Part 4 - Animals

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Today is the fourth ‘episode’ of a 4-part series of Sunday messages, linked to the theme:  "Learning from nature"

This week we focus on Animals.

Some of the most powerful, profound and beautiful language we find in the Bible for describing God’s character and God’s relationship with humanity, is by way of metaphors (language images) mentioning animals: God is described as a strong lion and a protective eagle. Jesus is a shepherd taking care of lambs and the mother-hen under whose wings the chicks are safe.  One of the most powerful lessons about God’s care for humanity is delivered by Jesus with an animal-example:

The Christian Bible is commonly understood as a testament (a witness) to how God is involved with the human condition and how humanity functions as a result of acknowledging this or failing to recognise it. It is meaningful that an astounding number of different animals and insects are mentioned in the variety of this testament.

This means that animals are indeed an integral part of the existence of humanity on all different levels, as well as integral to humanity’s relationship with God. The types of interaction between animals are worth considering. What can we learn from the way animals and insects interact with one another? Of course, we cannot romanticise all of these interactions: we find examples of fierce competition and violence towards survival. But that is not the whole picture. I will provide an example during the Wednesday content.

Community work/discussions: We found a webpage that states there are over 100 animals and insects mentioned in the Bible.

Divide into groups and see how many you can find!

May you experience the peace of a dove or gliding wings of an eagle during this week.

- The Green Teaching and Learning Community