Learning from nature: Part 2 - Trees

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Today is the second 'episode’ of a 4-part series of Sunday messages, linked to the theme:  "Learning from nature"

Today, we look at scientific insights about how trees communicate through their roots.

Here is a very short video explaining this communication.


We see that trees mostly take care of one another, send warning signals when there is danger, and mostly try to make space for another to co-exist.We already know that trees are really important for helping us to breathe good quality air. But it also seems as if the way trees look out for each other also provides another type of quality and care: space to be.

This is an important lesson we can learn from trees and from nature.

Continuing with Sunday's discussion within your communities, watch the short video together and discuss how we as humans can follow the examples of trees or why we might struggle.

- The Green Teaching and Learning Community