Learning from nature: Air

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Today is the final episode in our series, " Learning from nature".

This week we focus on Air.

Air is related to ventilation and atmosphere and therefore to breath and wind. In the Old Testament, we read how 'ruach' is the breath of God, the wind that moves and creates life.

In the New Testament, we read about God as Pneuma (Spirit) that sustains life.

This Wind/Breath/Air has the ability to transform. The common thread of Biblical witness is how it moves people and changes us.

The apostle Paul wrote extensively on the power of the Spirit, his own spiritual transformation, and the value of leading a spirit-filled life. It is important to see how an element of nature is utilised to portray this powerful transformation.

Below we will explore what we can learn from the strength of wind/ air/ breath.

As we know, wind can be a powerful transformative force. The short video illustrates how we should provide careful consideration of how we make use of this transformative power.

Community activity/discussion:

Are there examples in your communities about the implementation of this transformative power of wind? Below is one example.


Have a great week!

- The Green Teaching and Learning Community