The Green Teaching and Learning Community (The Green TLC)

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About the Green TLC

The Green Teaching and Learning Community creates and collects a variety of resources about ecological sustainability. The resources stem from an interdenominational group. Scientific knowledge and a variety of Christian practices relating to the environment are combined into easy accessible materials, with the purpose to help communities respond to ecological challenges. The Green TLC is the result of an international conference on “Churches in Southern Africa as civil society actors for ecological sustainability” that took place in October 2019 at the University of Pretoria in South Africa in collaboration with Humboldt University’s Programme on Religious Communities and Sustainable Development, and Bread for the World, both from Germany. The Green TLC is a growing and vibrant community and will serve as a reference point for continuous distribution of information and resources.

Current Projects

The first product of the Green TLC is currently in progress. It is a reference manual consisting of learning materials, titled, ‘Churches for Ecological Sustainability’ and is focussed on:

  • Keeping ecological conversations alive in churches
  • Setting up ecological actions
  • Uniting with other church leaders

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Reference Group

The Green TLC has a reference group (like a steering committee) that includes people from a variety of contexts, bringing faith communities and civil society actors together to collaborate in service of the broader community, and generating the necessary energy and action where it is needed in the challenges of ecological sustainability. The reference group is:

Juliane Stork (Humboldt University of Berlin) Kate Davies  (SAFCEI) Rev Berry Behr (SAFCEI) Phumudzo Mufamadi (Humboldt University of Berlin) Tanya van Wyk (University of Pretoria) Thomas Stephan  (Brot für die Welt) Loreen Maseno Emmanual Anim