Faith Leader Environmental Advocacy - June 2019

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Mombassa FLEAT members celebrate environmental days in June:

Many FLEAT members have been involved in actions to celebrate World Environment Day, on 5th June (and 6th June with Eid falling on the same day this year) and World Oceans Day, 8th June.

To celebrate World Environment Day and World Oceans Day,  Mombassa FLEAT members from the Center For Sustainable Development Kenya, together with Bigship CBO, Kenya Red Cross, Disaster Management Team, Kenya Forest Services, Chenda Organization, and Jomvu Administration visited the Mikindani (Mombassa) mangroves to plant 1000 seedlings.

Mombassa Mangroves planting exercise on 22 June 2019:

On 22nd June, Mombassa FLEAT Members supported a tree-planting exercise at Mikindani Mangrove (Big Ship conservation site) where over 5000 mangroves were planted. The event was officiated by The Cabinet Secretary for Environment and Forestry , Keriako Tobiko. Participants also collected over 5 tones of plastic bottle that were lying at the shore of the ocean an indicator of how single-use plastic has taken a toll.

World Environment Day 2019 - Beat Air Pollution:

Ahead of World Environment Day, M'thetu Lungu (FLEAT 2 Regional Group) shared some tips on How to Beat Air Pollution.

Janet Nozomo (FLEAT 2) organises tree planting activities on 1st and 6th June:


“Tree planting on 6th June to celebrate World Environment Day since 5th had been declared a public holiday due to Eid celebrations. We trained the environmental club of Mtopanga primary school best practices of tree planting and the establishment of seedlings. Managed to plant 40 seedlings with a few friends from the church”.

“On 1st June, Madaraka Day celebrations (public holiday in Kenya) the CJPC members of St. James Catholic Church planted seedlings in one of our station churches called St Ignatius Catholic Church, Vikwatani”

World Environment Day celebrations Muguluma Hamed (FLEAT 2):

"On 3rd June we visited a HEAR UGANDA Green Top garden to asses progress and what we can do to improve on this"

More news form our faith leaders:

Clean-up campaign in Namibia:

Uziena (FLEAT Namibia) organised a cleanup campaign, with local police participating in the activities.

Maama Green wins prestigious Insurance award:

The Deputy Chairperson of the Insurance Regulatory Authority of Uganda, Hajjat Aphwa Ssebyala (FLEAT Uganda) also known as Maama Green, has scooped the most prestigious Insurance award in Africa, 'Hall of Fame of African Insurance Organisation.'

Hajjat received the award at the 2019 African Insurance Organisations (AIO) Gala Dinner on 11th June in Johannesburg, South Africa.


Allen Ottaro ( FLEAT 1) was a panelist at BBC World Service Heart and Soul Gathering on 21st June, with local journalist and broadcaster Ciru Muriuki at the National Museum in Nairobi. He shared a video about the engagement and invites us to listen in on July 6th 2019 at 21:00 GMT +3.

Invitation to the International Conference on the 4th anniversary of Laudato Si’ and the 5th anniversary of CYNESA:

Shared by Allen Ottaro (FLEAT 1): Click here to view the International Conference on the 4th anniversary of Laudato Si’ and the 5th anniversary of CYNESA , 15-16 July 2019.

Resolution of the third annual Environmental Human Rights Defenders (HERD) / Land and Environmental Defenders (LEDs) Conference:

Click here to see the resolution. Shared by Bosco Juma (FLEAT Mombassa).

FLEAT Zimbabwe stakeholder engagement to National Cleanup coordinating Committee-Religion (NCCCR)