Best Western commits to going cage-free by 2025

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Update on the global cage-free campaign against Best Western:

On 8th May, SAFCEI joined 62 major animal protection organisations from around the world in launching a campaign against

Best Western International Inc. (Best Western) and  Hilton Worldwide (Hilton) simultaneously, in a bid to end the abuse of chickens worldwide.

On 9th May, Hilton announced their commitment to sourcing 100% cage-free eggs worldwide by 2025.

After 43 days of campaigning,  Best Western published a strong global cage-free commitment online stating that they are committed to sourcing 100 percent of their eggs (shell, liquid, and egg products) globally from cage-free sources for Best Western Hotels & Resorts’ entire portfolio by the end of 2025.

With commitments by hotel industry giants, we are one step closer to ending cruelty against these animals.

May 8: OWA launched the Hilton and Best Western campaigns; Hilton released sub-par policy ~12 hours after launch.

May 9: Hilton published strong global cage-free commitment ~24 hours after campaign launch; Best Western started blocking emails.