Welcoming the new Interns

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Meet the new WWF - Nedbank Green Trust interns who will be working with the Green Anglicans (Anglican Church of Southern Africa) and Muslims for Eco-Justice (Claremont Main Road Mosque) respectively.

This programme is in its third year and together with SAFCEI, Claremont Main Road Mosque and Anglican Church of Southern Africa work to create and promote faith-based environmental learning materials with the chosen interns.

Many positive things have emerged from this partnership with the WWF – Nedbank Green Trust: in previous years the interns have developed resources like Ryan the Rhino – The Story of Creation and Tips for a Greener Ramadan. We look forward to working with the new interns and seeing what work they will produce in the area of eco-justice.

Raheem Dalwai (Muslims for Eco-Justice)

Raheem DalwaiRaheem Dalwai has an Honours Degree in Biological Science from the University of Cape Town (UCT). He spent three years working with students at UCT, educating them and encouraging them to pursue a career in Environmental Science.

“I feel this project is ideal for me as I’m passionate about preserving the environment and encouraging local communities to get involved in creating greener spaces. By providing community leaders and the youth with suitable knowledge regarding environmental issues, we can ensure a safer and cleaner environment for tomorrow.”

Sulaimaan Noor Mohamed (Muslims for Eco-Justice)

Sulaimaan Noor MohamedSulaimaan Noor Mohamed studied Business Administration at the Tertiary School in Business Administration (TSiBA). He is a hardworking and dedicated individual with a keen interest in environmental issues. Sulaimaan also has experience in the electrical industry and is extremely passionate about energy conservation, especially the various ways in which we can help the environment by using energy more efficiently.

“I want to help people understand that by simply cutting down on energy usage, we can decrease our carbon footprint and make a positive impact on our ailing earth.”

Sulaimaan is eager to learn and wants to make a difference through his work on the Muslims for Eco-Justice Project.

Chumani Bontsa (Green Anglicans)

ChumaniChumani Bontsa is a member of the Diocese of False Bay under St Francis Mandela Park. He is a Member of GBFS and has a National Diploma in Nature Conservation and has been working with the Green Anglicans indirectly. Originally from the Eastern Cape Qumbu in the Diocese of Mzimnvubu, he now lives in Khayelitsha.

“The reason I became an intern is because I felt that it is good for me to impart the knowledge that I have gained in the church and for me get a feel of how it is to work in the church.  I know that working for the Green Anglicans will help me grow and it will expose me to new things that I have not done before.

I never realized until I went to study Nature Conservation that back home in the Eastern Cape conservation and the love of Nature is a daily practice and the things I was studying were things that they were doing already - and doing well. I hope that during this time I can show the people of God and the Churches that conservation is a lifestyle; it’s something that we are born with. I hope that whatever plan of action I come up with can be taken to the most rural of areas and even beyond my time here.”

Motena Jankie

**Motena Jankie**Motena Jankie was born and bred in Maputsoe, Lesotho. She is a Pastoral Care and Counselling graduate from the National University of Lesotho (NUL). As a student at NUL she was a staunch member of the Anglican Student Society and held various leadership roles over the years.

Motena’s work experience includes: one-year experience in HIV/AIDS counselling while she worked as an Adherence counsellor at Medical Arts Clinic; six months’ experience with Help Lesotho, an NGO whose programs foster hope and motivation for vulnerable children, girls, youth and grandmothers; and a five months’ experience as a call centre agent. Prior to joining the Green Anglicans team, she was at the Institute for the Healing of Memories for seven months as an office volunteer.

Motena believes it is through God’s grace that she is now an Administrative Intern for Green Anglicans, as finding a long-term position is hard. She will be doing the communications and social media for the Anglicans, assisting with administration of environmental workshops and programmes; doing youth and Sunday school training as well as any other activities required by the office.

“I’ve always had a love for the environment from my student days, and the Green Anglicans desk presents an opportunity for me to learn more on how to be a good steward of Creation, and how to impart that to others.”