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The Season of Creation is for Everybody

God made one Earth and asks people of all Faiths to share it.

The 2020 Season of Creation arrives as the world is reeling from the Covid-19 pandemic, and the even larger threat of a climate emergency. 

We ask leaders of all faiths what this season of hope and renewal means to them, in the context of our times as well as in the context of their faith. 

We invite leaders of all faiths to tell us how they engage with their role as an #Earthkeeper – because the Earth is our greatest point of commonality and the place we all call home. Earth, and stories of creation, are central to all faiths. 

By creating an online picket, we give all faith leaders the opportunity to participate and engage, sharing a message with their faith communities, even if they are in isolation at their homes. There is no geographic boundary, no boundary of belief and no barrier of time, money, or access (other than internet) to prevent all faith leaders from being part of this project. 

We are all #Earthkeepers – no matter what faith we follow.


How to participate in the virtual EarthKeeper Picket

We are asking leaders of ALL FAITHS to pose in their religious attire – if they have – with a bold, legible sign, either handwritten or printed, that proclaims just one thing that they would like their congregation to know about being an #Earthkeeper. Please use a clean A4 page, not torn out of a book. Use thick black koki if hand printing your sign and thick, solid lettering if you are using a printer. Remember to include the hashtag #Earthkeeper on your sign!

Send us your photograph, with your name, designation, contact details and the name and location of your faith community. You can email it to or WhatsAppwhatsapp it to 0766721932.

We’ll be building momentum between now and 5 October, when our picket will be mass-released online in alignment with UN World Habitat Day, Green Action Week and the end of the Season of Creation. 

Here are some examples of signs – but please do allow your creative thoughts to flow, we are always open to new #Earthkeeper ideas.

Wishing you all a fruitful and abundant Season of Creation!

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