SAFCEI at the NERSA hearings

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Nersa hearings_Liz presenting Liz McDaid presenting at NERSA, Tuesday 19 January 2016.

Liz McDaid presented to NERSA, asking them to exercise wise judgement.

Giving two contrasting example of the wise judgement of King Solomon and that of Pontius Pilate*, Liz highlighted that we wished NERSA to make a decision to not increase electricity tariffs. In commenting on the SAFCEI presentation, one NERSA committee member stated that if they wanted to cut Eskom in half, he was not sure that anyone would stand up in its defense!

Eskom had been granted an 8% increase according to the original tariff application. It has failed to stay within its planned expenditure to such a serious extent that they are seeking a 100% increase in its price hike.

Eskom continues to defend its own application under vigorous questioning, but continues to state the same logic as has been used in the past. Each time Eskom comes to NERSA, there are different people, saying the same thing. Eskom needs to change the song sheet, not just the singers.

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*King Solomon was known for his wisdom and wise judgement whilst Pontius Pilate, a Roman governor, is described in the Gospels as being weak and having succumbed to pressure when sentencing Jesus to death.