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SAFCEI warmly invites all Earth Keepers to join us at our 2016 AGM and a talk on uranium mining in the Karoo by Dr Stefan Cramer.

Date: 12th July

Time: 5:30 for 6:00pm

Venue: Erin Hall, 8 Erin Road, Rondebosch Cape Town (click here for map)

Light refreshments will be served.


A new threat to the Karoo: Uranium Mining


Fracking was a big concern in the Karoo and whilst everyone was engaging on this matter, the possibility of a much larger threat managed to sneak in: uranium mining. The industry silently accumulated large swathes of land and applied for uranium mining licences. SAFCEI’s Science Advisor, Dr Stefan Cramer, together with his wife, Erika, has been concentrating his efforts on trying to lift the veil of silence surrounding this new danger.

The mining of uranium in an area like the Karoo would stir up radioactive dust, which can easily contaminate huge areas of land. Standard methods to suppress the dust by spraying water would both draw on scarce water resources and contaminate ground water.

Up until the Cramers began working on the issue, there had been no public participation or public debate on this issue. Through engaging the media very successfully and giving presentations to various stakeholders, Stefan managed to bring the dangers of uranium mining to the public’s attention.

Join us for an update and first-hand account of the Cramer’s campaign against uranium mining in the Karoo. Stefan and Erika will be returning to Germany at the end of this year, so don’t miss this chance to hear about their ground-breaking work!

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