Milestones in our uranium mining and nuclear work

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signing of affidavit Makoma Lekalala and Liz McDaid signing the final replying affidavit.

We have reached several important milestones in our nuclear court case and our work on uranium mining. The most exciting one on the nuclear deal front being the setting of a court date for December 13th and 14th after the final replying affidavit was signed on 15 September**.**

With the South African government having drawn out the process for nearly a year, SAFCEI and Earthlife Africa Jhb welcome that the Judge President recognises the importance of this court application in setting a court date for this year.

“We are very pleased that the court understands the urgency of this matter at a critical stage in South Africa’s energy decision-making process, and appreciates that it is so much in the public’s interest”, says Liz McDaid.

It now becomes crucial that we raise the funds needed to effectively combat the nuclear deal in court. We appeal to all Earth Keepers to spread the word once again and tell your faith communities, friends, family and colleagues that we need their support so that we can ensure that South Africa is not forced down this nuclear route.

OUTA – Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse – has joined us in opposing the nuclear deal and has produced a brilliant video that carefully details how the nuclear deal has not fulfilled the principles of good governance, transparency, or accountability, as well as the hugely negative impact it will have on South Africa. Please share, donate and be part of making sure that our democracy is upheld and we make energy decisions that are ethical and truly benefit us and our country.

The resistance against uranium mining has also snowballed as the farmers of the Karoo are coming together. The opposition has been especially strong in Prince Albert and is gathering momentum in the areas around Beaufort West.

img_9990 Farmers meeting in Beaufort West. Photo: Stefan Cramer

In the Western Cape the comment period on the uranium Prospecting Rights Application has been extended by 50 days until November 1. Excitingly, this extension in part stems from the unprecedented quantity and quality of submissions and objections by the general public. Let us keep up the pressure: we ask you to submit if you haven’t done so already and ask others to do the same so that no voice goes unheard.

You can register as an Interested and Affected Party by sending an email to and explain your objections against uranium mining. For more information you can also get in contact with Dr Stefan Cramer at

The Cramer’s latest educational activities have generated an abundance of citizen’s responses in the local media and finally there is the start of a public debate. In another approach to spreading the word on uranium mining, the Cramers are planning a three-part radio series together with Gamka FM that will be aired on various local radio stations. We will share the recordings when they have been finalised.

With the veil of silence having effectively been lifted, we are hopeful that the movement to protect the Karoo against uranium mining will continue to grow. It would be a tragedy if these iconic landscapes were to be exploited as part of the unnecessary nuclear deal Eskom and our Minister of Energy are so avidly promoting.

We value the support Earth Keepers have shown so far and ask you all to continue standing with us against decisions that are unethical and not in the interests of South Africans or the Earth.

Upcoming events to look out for:

  • Another fundraiser for our nuclear court case is going to be held in Durban on Thursday 3rd November as an evening event, with Kumi Naidoo as keynote speaker. Please diarise and come support us if you are in the area – details will follow.
  • We will be marking 2 years of #NukeVigils on 9 November and warmly invite those in the Cape Town area to join us – details will follow. Earth Keepers can also show their support by sending in a picture to join our digital #NukeVigil.

img_1938 Marking 1 year of #Nukevigils - join us in marking two years. Photo: Hannah Slezackova