Langham Hospitality Group victory

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One of our two remaining Heartless Hospitality targets – Langham Hospitality Group – is now reporting on their cage-free progress! Langham Hospitality made a global commitment in 2020 but until today they had failed to report on any cage-free progress.Less than a month after launching the Heartless Hospitality campaign Langham Hospitality Group updated its website to reflect regional reporting percentages and reiterated its commitment to a cage-free future! As you can see, Langham is making meaningful progress around the world.

  • Europe & North America: 74%
  • Asia Pacific: 13%

Let’s put the pressure on our ONLY remaining target Millennium Hotels to start reporting as well!

Let’s double down on pressuring the remaining targets – Millennium Hotels and Langham Hospitality Group – to start reporting as well!