Greening Harare

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By Tendai Rebecca Gurupira

Mrs. Tendai Rebecca Gurupira demonstrates how to plant a tree at Fatima Zaahra Secondary School.

The United Methodist Church continues to give awareness on climate change through the office of the Women Coordinator Mrs. Tendai Rebecca Gurupira. On every church occasion we plant trees. The picture below shows the United Methodist Church Zimbabwe Episcopal Area resident Bishop E.K Nhiwatiwa and Harare West District Superintendent Rev. Musharu planting trees after the dedication of Dziwarasekwa sanctuary.

The Inner City Circuit of the United Methodist Church held a Family Fun Day function at Alan Wilson School in Harare Zimbabwe. The church asked permission from the school head to plant trees and give awareness on the importance of keeping trees.  The pastor’s wife Mrs. Chanakira  takes  a leading role in the tree planting  whilst Women’s Coordinator  Mrs. Tendai Rebecca Gurupira looks on after demonstrating how to plant trees to the pastors, men, women and children who attended this function.