FLEAT Zimbabwe Faith Leaders Conduct Environmental Awareness Training and Clean-Up Campaign in Bindura

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In a bid to promote sustainable consumption, as part of the global Green Action Week campaign, FLEAT- ZIM Trust partnered with the Bindura University of Science Education- Building Opportunities On Student Talent (BUSE-BOOST) club to conduct an environmental awareness training and clean-up campaign on 21 October 2022. The workshop and training involved 52 faith student leadership (26 men and 27 women)  from Bindura University of Science Education Christian Ecumenical Society (BUSCES). FLEAT-ZIM Trust was established by FLEAT Zimbabwe members to create a climate-conscious society.

The training included presentations from the local municipality and the Environmental Management Authority (EMA)- a statutory body responsible for ensuring the sustainable management of natural resources and protection of the environment, the prevention of pollution, and environmental degradation. Both these organisations emphasised the importance of keeping the environment clean and promoting the implementation of sustainable practices on campuses and in our communities.

The BUSE-BOOST representative talked about the adverse effects of litter on the environment and its habitats. Participants were schooled on various ways of turning litter into profit.

Reflections on past experiences: Turning waste into value -BOOST BUSE.

Mr. Marere, whom the community has named “Dhobadhoba”, meaning one who survives on scavenging, shared how he makes artefacts from litter. Mr. Marere makes bins, hats, purses, and bags out of litter for selling.


Showcasing and Training: Weaving, Beading from waste material.


EMA explained its role in the protection and management of the environment. The agency works in collaboration with other stakeholders to educate communities on environmental issues and is responsible for developing guidelines for national environmental management plans among other tasks.

Environmental management training by Environmental Management Agency representative.

Students joined by a few members of the community conducted a clean-up exercise, educating community members about the importance of keeping the environment clean.

Participants made a commitment to engage the student body on the need to create a clean and safe environment for study on campus and to contribute towards sustainable community practices for a greener world.



Clean-up exercise  in  Bindura, Zimbabwe

The workshop was a resounding success and sincere acknowledgements go to Mr. Justice Muzondiwa (FLEAT Zimbabwe) and members of the BUSE–BOOST team for organising the training.

The youth also shared what their faiths say about taking care of the environment.

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Tadiwanashe Chipfende- referenced the garden of Eden as an example of how the environment should be, she stated that Adam and Eve were placed in the Garden of Eden to take care of the environment, the plants, animals, and everything in it. She believes that the bible teaches us that we should be doing the same in our homes and our communities.

“The Bible says cleanliness is close to godliness, everything on earth should be clean, the cleaner the environment we live in, the closer we become to God”, said Romeo Nyasha Moyo- Christian.

Tatenda Muponde, Muslim- says that the earth is beautiful and green and Allah has made us the stewards of the earth to protect and keep the environment clean and we must all take the initiative to ensure that we live in a clean environment.

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Young Christians Brenton Ngirazi, Haym Mandava, and Martin Makombeand, also encouraged us to save the environment from harm, conserve nature for future generations, recycle as much as we can to minimise field litter and keep the environment clean to avoid sickness and diseases that are associated with living in filthy places.

By Justice Muzondiwa.