FLEAT Namibia youth from the Hai//omSann indigenous community take action to promote Earthkeeping in the city of Tsumeb

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Enrico Aseb and Nicolaas Augumeb are two young leaders representing the Hai//omSann community from the city of Tsumeb in the northern parts of Namibia. They are both part of the FLEAT Namibia group that came together in Windhoek in November 2021.

After developing their plan of action during the FLEAT Namibia workshop, they started at the Tsumeb old age home by having a clean-up campaign. They approached the Hai//om tradition office from Tsumeb where they received support from 10 volunteers from the SAN Youth Forum from Hai//om.

With assistance from the Tsumeb municipality which helped with tools and cleaning materials, they could move to continue the clean-up of four local community parks.

From there they went on to the Tsumeb State hospital where they received support from the Ministry of Health.

A follow-up is being planned to assess if the campaign made an impact in the community and what assistance is further needed in terms of awareness raising. Having the municipalities and government departments as resources for youth groups is very useful in terms of future support.

The young men have also started their own organisation, Namibia Indigenous Advocacy Platform, which includes young women, where they will focus on helping the marginalised communities in Namibia.

We wish them all the best and will continue our support as SAFCEI.

Zainab Adams