FLEAT member feature: Bishop Joseph Obanyi Sagwe

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Bishop Joseph Obanyi Sagwe has been a member of the Kenya Faith Leader Environment Advocacy Training (FLEAT Mombasa) group since May 2018. Bishop Joseph represents the Catholic Diocese of Kakamega, Kenya and has been quite an inspiration to the group.

Bishop Joseph writes: “In the last one and half years, I launched a very successful School-based environment programme to encourage children and young people to plant trees in their school compounds. We have started our own indigenous tree nursery to supply at least 200 seedlings to all our schools in order to develop an environmental hub. We have already reached out to more than 30 schools out of a possible 300. The aim is to instil in children and young people the importance of caring for the environment. It is an on-going activity until we reach all our sponsored schools”.

21__st March 2019 Launching of the School-based Environment Programme. Over 20 schools and government officers attended.