Apply now to join our Faith Leader & Environment Training in Graaff-Reinet

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September 2019

Dear Faith Leaders and Friends,

Are you based in the Karoo and surrounds or know a faith leader in your network who is?

SAFCEI is calling for applications from people of faith, particularly those in a position of leadership, in the Karoo and surrounding areas, to join our Faith Leader Advocacy Training (FLEAT) workshop in Graaff-Reinet from 19th to 21st November.

This will be a three-day workshop process of collectively sharing and designing an environmental advocacy programme, with input from various specialists. Issues of water, land, biodiversity, food, climate, and energy justice will be on the agenda. Practical action will be part of the programme.

If you have a passion for addressing environmental injustice and want to attend the training, please complete the application form and send it with a letter of motivation, together with a letter of support from your faith leader to by Friday 25 October 2019.

If selected, your accommodation, food and course fees will be covered. Details of the venue will be confirmed at a later stage.

Participants are expected to take experiences from the workshops and apply them in their faith communities between training sessions. They are expected to commit to working together on advocacy actions, both in their own countries and more generally in the SADC region. If selected, you will be required to commit to the FLEAT Programme and make yourself available for the second follow-up meeting.


SAFCEI believes that people of faith have a moral imperative to speak out against the socio-ecological injustices that face Africa’s peoples and their environment.

In witnessing for the Earth, we believe that faith leaders can share our local experiences, network with each other, and learn from each other how best to advocate for the change we want to see.

For us, advocacy involves the following:

  • Local actions at faith and community level that demonstrate a way of living which restores, rather than destroys, nature and the human community.
  • Sharing stories of hope with other faith communities to inspire them to take similar actions and share their stories.
  • Challenging governments and people in positions of power by reminding them to act from principles and values that protect the Earth’s living systems, including human society, as well as encouraging governments to support progressive Earth stewardship policies.

We work with all faiths on issues of environmental justice across the southern African region. Visit for more information about FLEAT or  watch the video below to see what FLEAT is all about:

Yours sincerely,

Zainab Adams

SAFCEI FLEAT Coordinator