FLEAT Cape Town

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By Rev Berry Behr

The historic Cape Town FLEAT was held at Monkey Valley Resort from 2nd to 4th December with an enthusiastic and diverse group of faith leaders.

We opened the FLEAT with our very first hybrid online and in-person Regional Interfaith Dialogue, asking What does your faith say about land and water justice?.

Another highlight of the FLEAT experience was a field trip to Ocean View Organic Farms, a permaculture co-operative run by 5 local women. Our FLEAT participants were plunging their hands into the soil, tasting freshly harvested produce and could not stop asking questions.

The delegates have already had their first post-FLEAT meeting when some of them visited Sayd Mohamad at Beit Nur, a community food garden in Schaapkraal, and spent a day planting crops, tending the earth and inspiring each other to new heights.

We are looking forward to connecting again in 2021 and exploring further opportunities for mutual learning, cooperation and advocacy.