Faiths 4 Climate Justice 2022

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​Safcei is a founding partner of the GreenFaith international network; together, we raise our voices for climate justice.

As people of diverse faiths around the globe, we want our moral voices to be heard and the right decisions to be taken on climate justice. Our planet and all living things are sacred, and must be protected in the climate crisis. In 2021 500+ grassroots actions were held across 43 countries. We plan to do this again in 2022.

We will launch Faiths 4 Climate Justice ​​on 2 October and conclude it on the eve of COP27 on 6 November. COP27 is an annual conference bringing together governments and NGOs worldwide under the United Nations banner to negotiate actions on climate change. Companies and banks also attend in their own capacities.

This is the perfect opportunity to make our moral voices heard and let the powers that be know they have a moral responsibility to address the climate crisis.

Faiths 4 Climate Justice 2022 means more actions, more diverse interfaith voices, and more opportunities for grassroots communities to put pressure on governments, corporations, and big banks worldwide to take climate change seriously. We invite you to join this year’s global month of action. Will you join us?

Please sign up here

As an endorser, you will be listed on the network's website and receive a social media shout-out. You will commit to publicizing the global month of action and hosting at least one event and will be invited to special briefings and info sessions online. There is no financial commitment.

Faiths 4 Climate Justice 2022 is demanding that governments, corporations, and big banks:

  • Put an immediate end to new fossil fuel projects and deforestation
  • Ensure a rapid transition to 100% renewables and a fair phase-out of fossil fuels
  • Commit to a just transition for impacted workers and climate-vulnerable communities

We hope you can sign on to help ensure the voices of faiths across the globe are heard.