Faith Leader Environmental Advocacy – August 2019

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FLEAT South Africa:

All hands on deck at David Profit Street Bonteheuwel PEACE GARDENS. Dutch Television are coming tomorrow, God Willing, to film our Peace Gardens for a documentary on Fynbos, the birds and insects it attracts to Bonteheuwel and most important, the PEACE and TRANQUILITY it brings to a community that is sadly branded as "kill me quick" "Very Dangerous" "Red/Danger Zone"... We choose to focus on positive things. #CHANGEBEGINSWITHME

Soraya Salie, Muslim, Cape Town

FLEAT Kenya:

Environmental Conservation is a duty. Restoration of Degraded Mombasa Mangroves, Tudor Creek is A-call for Action. Adopting-a-site for sustainable mangrove restoration is key . #bringbacktudorcreek

Bosco Juma, Catholic, Mombassa

FLEAT Regional Group 2:

Gosiame Choabi (Gauteng) has been appointed as the Acting Provincial Cordinator for the South African Council of Churches (SACC) year ending 2019.

FLEAT South Africa:

The Durban Amnesty International group are screening Sisters of the Wilderness at 18.00 on Monday 26 August in the large SunCoast cinema.

We intend to invite the 5 young women, who feature in the film to attend. I also plan to invite the other KZN FLEAT guys to come... they all live in the Midlands.

Coral Visen , Anglcan, KZN

FLEAT Regional Group 2:

I have planted 14 trees at the iDEA demonstration plot.

Two of citrus fruits and except for two others all are mangoes, including "cross breeds".

I feel so good this far.

M’thetu Lungu, Presbytarian, Malawi

FLEAT South Africa:

One of our South African #FLEAT faith leaders will be hosting a screening of "Becoming Visible" (2018), a documentary by Janet Solomon on the offshore oil and gas development off the South African coastline and its effect on our marine life.

Date: 28 September 2019 Time: 10 AM Venue: Wesley Hall in Benoni.