Eco-Footprinting Workshop - 21 June 2021

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Join us on 21 June 2021 at 1 PM (SAST) for an online Eco-Footprinting workshop.

Do you and your faith community want to walk more lightly on the Earth?

Ecological footprinting is a method of looking at the natural resources we use, and learning ways to improve consumption and be more efficient in our energy and water consumption and waste production.

This workshop is aimed at growing our understanding that our wellbeing is linked to that of the Earth and how we can take action in our local circumstances.

We will be sharing knowledge about how to reduce our eco-footprints and audit our current usage to reduce unnecessary expenditure, find sustainable solutions, change our consumption patterns and raise awareness within our communities.

The programme is designed for faith leaders and people of faith who are leaders in their communities in order to support their faith institutions in their environmental efforts and wider community on energy, water and waste issues.

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