EarthKeeper Day - 14 February 2021

  • Published:

This coming Sunday will be Valentine's Day, but we at SAFCEI like to call it Earthkeeper's Day and mark the date by doing something to show our love for the Earth and Creation.

We will be celebrating the annual Earth Keeper Day and invite all faith communities to join us. This is a response to the increasing commercialisation of Valentine’s Day. Instead of celebrating individual love, we would like to mark the weekend of the 12th– 14th February as a multi-faith Earth Keeper Day to celebrate our love for the Earth and all Creation. Here at SAFCEI we emphasize the spiritual and moral imperative to care for the Earth and the community of all life, including that of animals.

Will you join us?

Take action for the planet, no matter how big or small, on 12TH-14TH February, and post a picture of it online with an #Earthkeeper hashtag , so that everyone can see what you are doing and support you. Remember to tag @SAFCEI on your social media posts.

Actions may include:

Planting a tree, picking up a bag of litter in your community, take a walk or hike in the forest or mountain, join a zoom webinar/event on environmental issues.

Please ensure that you follow Covid19 protocols when taking actions. This includes: wearing a mask at all times, sanitising your hands and practicing social distance

We encourage Faith leaders to include the importance of environmental stewardship in their faith services and have a prayer of the Earth especially during these hard times of the Covid19 pandemic.

Tlou Mpai, SAFCEI Social Media and Project Administrator