Earth Poetry from the Fatima Zaahra (a.s) College

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At the latest FLEAT workshop which took place in Zimbabwe from the 28th September – 2nd October, participants were invited to the Fatima Zaahra School for a whole day programme on climate change and living in harmony with nature. The day included drama, poetry and speeches, as well as a tree planting ceremony. Here are the poems that were performed by the pupils.

The Dark Dream

By Hussein Nyanguru

Is this real

Am I dreaming

Maybe I am another dimension

Is this planet the planet I know?

Is this the planet Earth?

Yes it is!!

So why is it full of misery

Full of fire, choking gases, smoke and chained blades

Chained blades?

Yes! Chained blades

The ones which killed Mr Dove, Mr Owl and Mr Snake

Where is the togetherness we used to have

Suddenly a cool breeze blew my fares

Realizing that it was only a dream

Is it you

Was it you?

Will it be you?

The one who is destroying,

The one who is destroyed,

Will you continue destroying, the land of hope for those who are hopeless

Opening my eyes with sadness

Sadness with anger, as I take a glance at the reality which was full of danger

Forever and ever causing danger

Settling human’s anger

Do not think that you are clever

So keep peace and cleanliness with you forever

As we live in harmony with nature

Do you Realise

by Albert Hasan Nheya

As I realize

As I know

As I understand

Do you realize

Do you know

Do you understand

Do you realize

That I am the supporter of your life

The source of your survival

If you don’t then realize

Do you realize that to run your industries you need my products

To protect yourself

You need my shelter

You need my land to survive

If you don’t then realize

Does mankind realize that we are important

Yes we are!

And yes we are the origin of their wealth

The origin of their survival the inhabitants of many helpless creatures

STOP polluting our thirst extinguishers

Opening our veins like threads

Together we can survive

And yes we can survive

If only we live in harmony with nature

Did I become that useless that you keep on destroying my inhabitants’ future

Did my products become unsustainable that you destroy them

Have I really become that useless to you

Do you realize

That your future depends on me

That your life is hinged on my survival

I am the only planet that supports life

The acquired, reliable tool for human

My features are so unique and beyond comparison

As you called me Mother Earth