Launching a day of love for creation

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When last did you truly experience Nature, God's original scriptures?  SAFCEI is inviting you to celebrate Earth Keeper Day on the weekend of 14th & 15th of February.  Huh?! How is this day different from all the other environmental days on our calendar? Earth Keeper Day is about opening our hearts and connecting spiritually with Nature and growing awe for the miracle that is our Earth. It is about prayer and growing compassion for the wider community of life.

Earth Keeper day logo 2015-02-09The sanctity of Nature or Creation is deeply rooted in the spiritual texts of many of our faiths. Let's claim Earth Keeper Day as an annual event to honour the sacred gift of life.  Imagine the power of people of faith across Southern Africa uniting in prayer, meditation and compassion for Creation! Earth Keeper Day is an invitation to start a r-EVOL-ution that nudges each of us from uncomfortable concern to compassion for all living things. Help to build an Earth Keeper movement which promotes love, respect and awe for the Earth. Let's inspire the establishment of more eco-congregations and ignite a vibrant community of Earth Keepers from all faiths.

When: Choose a day on the weekend of  14th & 15 February depending on which one is appropriate to your faith community.

What: The theme for  Earth Keeper Day is compassion for all living  things and appreciation for their roles in the web of life that sustains us all.  Organize outings, activities and prayers that let you experience the infinite variety and beauty of creation.  Come up with some great ideas and sign up your event for Earth Keeper Day 2016.  In January 2016 you will receive a basic Earth Keeper Day Kit, online resources and we will promote your event on the Earth Keeper calendar & online media. We heartily welcome your ideas for events, activities and prayers to include in future resources. Please e-mail  to sign up.

Here are some ideas to green our hearts on Earth Keeper Day:

- host an environmental sermon

- plant a tree with your congregation, accompanied by a prayer or poem about your love for nature

- organise an outdoor prayer service or meditation

- decorate prayer flags for the Earth??????????????????????????????? - host an interesting talk about spirituality and environment

- Create a beautiful centrepiece at your place of worship with indigenous flowers and natural objects such as rocks, shells, twigs, feathers and wild fruit

- Organise a hike & picnic in nature with your faith community

Share your plans and photos with us so that we can post them on the Earth Keeper website and Facebook. Email:

Kim Kruyshaar for SAFCEI, January 2015