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On 8 September a Climate Rise Mini-Summit was jointly hosted by SAFCEI,, and WESSA. A diverse group of 170 stakeholders including environmental activists, members from faith community, youth, government and community based activists attended the event. Climate Rise was part of a Global Rise events. Panel discussions were held to ensure that a multitude of voices were heard. The first panel had representatives from youth, farming and gender perspectives, faith and energy justice. The second panel had three representatives from all spheres of government and a climate legal expert, with passionate engagement from the audience in the discussion session.

The third and final panel had science, education, media and business representatives. Takeaways and highlights from the panel and audience included the following:

  • A transition to energy efficiency and renewable energy will combat global warming, protect human health, create new jobs, and ensure a secure, affordable energy future.
  • Our current high reliance on coal to produce electricity is creating the current catastrophe with regards to climate change. Vulnerable groups, such as women, children and the unemployed who bear the brunt of climate change even though they are not responsible for it.
  • Creation of climate change jobs will not only be a source of income, but also create a sustainable future in terms of greenhouse gas emissions that does not cause further harm to our atmosphere.
  • Rural women are vulnerability to climate change, it directly threatens their existence and food security, and this must be taken into account in actions to address climate change.
  • The provincial government promised that the Mayor would share the issues raised at the Climate Rise Cape Town when she attends the Global event in San Francisco.