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The Cage-Free SA Advocacy Toolkit

Thank you for supporting the Cage-Free SA campaign.

This social media toolkit gives you messages and images to share. Use them and add your voice to the #CageFreeSA movement.

It’s time to break free from cruelty and create a better future for all beings. Together we can help eradicate battery cages for egg-laying hens by 2030.

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Thank you for supporting the #CageFreeSA campaign. To learn more go to our Animal Justice page.

  • Approximately 86% of the eggs found in South African hotels, restaurants, and retailers are sourced from hens confined to cages. Let's urge supermarkets, retailers and other companies to take a stand for cage-free commitment. It's time to uplift their lives, break free from cruelty, and create a better future for all beings.
  • 95% of SA's layer hens suffer in tiny cages. Let's change that. Join us in asking supermarkets, retailers and other companies to make a commitment to cage-free eggs. Spread the word! 🐣 #CageFreeSA
  • For 20 years, the industry hasn't budged. 95% of SA's layer hens are still trapped in cages. Only 1% live cage-free, and just 4% are free-range. Let's demand better for these hens. Spread the call for change! 🐣 #CageFreeSA
  • 🐔 Let's set our hens free! No more cramped cages – it's time to give our egg-laying heroes the freedom they deserve. 🐣 They deserve to perch, spread their wings, dust bathe, and interact with their flock, just like nature intended. Say goodbye to cages and hello to happier, healthier hens! #CageFreeSA
  • 🥚 Quality matters! By ditching cages, we're not only improving hens' lives but also ensuring higher-quality eggs for all of us. 🍳 Plus, we're taking a stand against health risks like salmonella and zoonotic diseases. It's a win-win for everyone. Let's make the change together! 💪🥚 #CageFreeSA
  • Let's give hens the space they deserve by going cage-free. Join us in urging supermarkets, retailers and other companies to make the compassionate choice for animals and consumers alike. Together, we CAN make a difference! Spread the word and let's create a world with happier hens and healthier eggs. 🐣 #CageFreeSA