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By Ricardo Swanepoel , Rastafarian, Helenvale, Gqeberha.

Be it as it may

We’ve broken bread, we’ve prayed

the lessons learned and knowledge gained

assure us all

nothing was not in vain 

We’ve known not 

we’d hear these voices, the challenges, 

the hard choices

Yet once heard, 

we did wonder what to say

I thought to say nothing

except give you all a bow

as we go forward in this fight

having discerned in our heart 

the wrong from the right 

Wishing you courage 

to keep pushing through 

because courage, my friends 

is what I get from you

May the almighty God Bless you all

May you go well, aware

Where this journey might take us all

Only time will tell




Ricardo’s interests are:  Environmentalism, social justice, activism, art, poetry
He says, “My art and poetry is what drives me.  No question! Every other thing is in support of that and  my activism! My dream is to be employed in the activism space so employment does not take me away from it, or impact my ability to achieve my goals and that of my organisation!”
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