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A new year is around the corner, and it brings the chance to re-connect more deeply and consciously with our intentions to live with compassion, love and faith. Connecting with one another as part of – not apart from – nature, feels good.  This is because ‘nature’ is where we belong.  In ‘nature’ we feel most deeply at home.  Whatever our particular faith or form of spirituality, for most of us, if we experience the divine anywhere, it is in ‘nature’, beyond the human-built environment.

We at SAFCEI would like to take this opportunity to pledge ourselves again to Earth, our common home, and recommit ourselves to working for social and environmental justice, and we warmly invite you to join us.

As each year gets going, it’s easy for these commitments to get swept away as work, school and everyday life take centre stage again. To make focusing on our expression of caring easier, and to help us organise eco-justice activities in our congregations, we’ve put together a list of the significant dates coming up throughout the year. Use this in your congregation and community to plan your year of action. We hope to celebrate this special days with you in the new year!

Click here to download the calendar

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