Cage-Free Eggs Campaign: Africa Regional Summit

  • Published:

SAFCEI and the Open Wing Alliance (OWA) hosted the second annual Africa Regional Summit in Cape Town from 16th to 18th September.

We had 24 attendees, representing 13 organisations and 4 African countries. Attendees spent 3 full days workshopping, networking, and strategising on how to bring about a cage-free Africa.

We were excited to meet many activists and organizations new to the cause and were able to learn about the OWA’s resources, the theory of change behind corporate campaigning, the role Africa plays in the global cage-free movement, and more! Additionally, we were able to collectively take part in the Wyndham campaign, letting the hospitality giant know that Africa will not support companies that cage hens. This event was very inspiring and we are excited to see all the great work these groups will be doing in the coming year!

- Romina Giel, OWA Event Coordinator