The Green TLC Sunday message

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Dear Green Teaching and Learning Community, good morning and a blessed Sunday to you all. This Sunday it is my pleasure to share the prayer Psalm 121 with you.

Psalm 121

I look to the hills! Where will I find help?

It will come from the Lord , who created heaven and earth.

The Lord is your protector, and he won't go to sleep or let you stumble.

The protector of Israel doesn't doze or ever get drowsy.

The Lord is your protector, there at your right side to shade you from the sun.  You won't be harmed by the sun during the day or by the moon at night.

The Lord will protect you and keep you safe from all dangers.  The Lord will protect you now and always wherever you go.

Nature was a reminder of God's creating strength and also destructive power for the Isrealites in the times of the Bible as well. They knew that God was stronger than anyone or anything else, which showed in His creation. They knew that they were at His mercy. Luckily, the Israelites knew that God was a reliable God who promised to never destroy the earth again after He covenanted with His people.

We can share their hope and trust in God. When we look to the hills, when we see the sun, when we admire the smallest flower, or the amazing animals around us it can be a reminder to us from where our help comes.

Juliane Stork

- The Green Teaching and Learning Community