Say No to the SABS draft standard for laying hens by 30 March

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We have less than a week to stop a cruel and inhumane standard by the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) for layer hens.

SABS wants to keep hens in tiny cages till 2039. Join us in saying No to this standard by sending your comments to SABS. Make your voice heard here.

Why is this important for people of faith?

As People of Faith we have a spiritual and moral imperative to care for Earth and all creatures in the community of life.

No matter what we choose to eat, life comes from life. Awareness of the quality of life leads us to have a deeper reverence for the rights and lives of all beings.

The rest of the world is moving towards cage-free systems that allow the hens to express their natural behaviour like nesting, perching and dustbathing. This new standard will move South Africa backwards while the rest of the world is moving towards cage-free layer systems. Don’t let this happen.

If this standard is approved, South Africa’s laying hens face 20 more years in tiny, disgusting and inhumane battery cages.

What you can do

It will take two minutes to fill out the form and raise your objections. SAFCEI will collect all your comments and make a submission on 30 March.

Read more about our cage-free eggs campaign here:

Contact our Cage-Free Eggs Campaign Coordinator, Georgina Blumears at