Nando's commits to using 100% cage-free eggs worldwide

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A HUGE win for hens! Nando's has made a global commitment to go cage-free 🎉

In a major victory for hens, the South African multinational restaurant chain will no longer sell eggs from caged hens in all markets by 2030 at the latest.

Nando’s commitment to a 100% global cage-free policy marks another victory for chicken welfare and showcases the continued progress of cage-free across the globe.

The multinational chain operates in 30 countries. While Nando's restaurants in the UK and Ireland already use cage-free eggs, this global commitment now means that they will also move to 100% cage-free eggs (including whole eggs and eggs as an ingredient) in New Zealand and Australia by 2023; North America and South Africa by 2025; and Malaysia and Singapore by 2027.

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