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Over the years, the climate crisis has become a climate emergency that demands action from all of us.
Due to climate change, we have been facing life-threatening events such as extreme weather conditions due to global warming, increasing the risk of droughts, floods, and diseases. This continues to affect poor people the most and raises concerns about the living conditions of future generations.
For too long, the rights and well-being of people and the planet have not been given the attention it deserves by the government. It is time to fight for our planet and demand that the government prioritise the climate emergency, commit to a just transition, and plan for a more resilient South Africa.
Join us as we march for people, climate, and future generations✊
Date: Saturday, 24 September 2022
March route: Hanover Street To Roeland Street, Cape Town
Time: 10:30am (SAST)
Email to join us at the march.
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