Focus Brands and Groupe Le Duff pledge to go cage-free

  • Published:

Food conglomerates Focus Brands and Groupe LE DUFF have pledged to go 100% cage-free worldwide—sourcing eggs and egg products only from cage-free hens and eliminating the use of cruel and outdated battery cages in their supply chains. These groundbreaking commitments mark major shifts toward ending animal abuse against chickens.

Earthkeepers like you delivered a big win for chickens. By signing petitions, emailing, commenting on social media, and making phone calls, you sent a strong message to Focus Brands and Groupe Le Duff that animal welfare matters—and that egg-laying hens deserve better.

Together, we’re working to put an end to the abuse of animals raised for food. This incredible victory shows that the future is cage-free, and momentum is on our side.

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