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By Zainab Adams, FLEAT Coordinator


Mrs. Soraya Salie has been a member of our South African Faith Leader Environment Advocacy Training (FLEAT SA) group since 2019, representing the Muslim faith. Soraya has always been very active in her community of Bonteheuwel in Cape Town. Bonteheuwel is known to be one of the most gang infested areas on the Cape Flats. It is for that reason Soraya came up with the idea of using a piece of land opposite her home in David Profit Street and turning it into what she calls a “Peace Garden”. The piece of land was previously used as a dumping ground and when Soraya started this initiative the community came on board.

During a recent FLEAT SA meeting, there was an invitation from FLEAT member, Rev. Roux Malan from the Unitarian Church for Soraya to participate in the church’s online service and do a presentation on her work. Her inspiring nature is one of her many good qualities that draw attention for people to feel motivated by her. This is only one example of the many opportunities Soraya has had to inspire people.  

On Friday 19th June, Soraya sent a SAFCEI to message requesting that she needs a letter to support her in asking the Aljaamia-Uthmania Mosque in Bonteheuwel to allocate a piece of their land for the food gardening project. The outcome is yet to be confirmed but who can say no to Mrs. Soraya Salie?

Soraya has also established the Bonteheuwel Walking Ladies, a group of ladies who not only walk together for exercise but also come together when the community needs them. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have supported Soraya with her soup kitchen at her home, which she continues to do on a daily basis. 

We at SAFCEI are very proud of the achievements of Mrs. Soraya Salie and are excited to be part of her journey. 




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