Multi Faith

We believe that awareness of how much we depend on the Earth with its abundance and diversity, is catching up with our realization that the natural environment is in crisis. In SAFCEI’s work, we look at the core beliefs and values of the world’s religions, because they hold the keys to a relationship of respect and appreciation for nature.


Faith Perspectives

Multi-faith dialogue built on cooperative interaction between different religious and or spiritual traditions is as ancient as religion itself.

Multi-faith dialogue based on equity, justice, and mutual respect for the Earth, is a way we can build a sustainable future for all. A multi-faith approach raises awareness about the diverse traditions that help people to grow spiritually through a deeper connection with the creation.


There is common ground among many faiths regarding:

Acknowledging the inherent value of nature that goes beyond its services to us. Practicing gratitude and respect for the services of nature that support life. Understanding that humans are part of a complex, interconnected web of life where the health of the natural system is directly linked to our health.

Collective multi-faith action is exerting pressure on decision-makers at international climate change and socio-economic meetings. Faith leaders are calling for a future for nature and for us, through the redistribution of investment from fossil fuels to renewable energy, before we reach a climate tipping point. Multi-faith dialogue and action can play a critical role in promoting a new human ecological consciousness based on co-operation and not domination, either of people or of nature.