Calling all #EarthKeepers to comment on DoE's proposed Energy Plan

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SAFCEI is committed to promoting energy justice, and drafted this letter as a sample template for citizens to comment on the DoE’s plan. If you agree with all the points, feel free to copy and paste as is. Alternately, amend as desired. BUT BE SURE TO SUBMIT YOUR COMMENT BY FRIDAY 31st March 2017.

Comments on the Department of Energy’s (DoE) Electricity Plan can be sent to the DoE’s Mr Jacob Mbele on, until 31 March 2017. Contact SAFCEI on 021-701-8145 or, for assistance in making your comment to the DoE.

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To: The Department of Energy

Dear Mr Jacob Mbele, Minister Joemat-Pettersen, and the DoE,

RE: Public Comment on the DoE’s Proposed Energy Plan

As a South African citizen, I hereby submit my comments about the Department of Energy’s (DoE) proposed energy/electricity plan – which closes for comment on Friday, 31 March 2017.

The secret nuclear dealings, which could bankrupt the country, are a major concern, and I am disappointed about the unconstitutional way the DoE has acted toward SA citizens during the development of this plan for the following reasons.

It is my duty as a South African citizen, to reject the proposed IRP/IEP because: THE CURRENT PLAN IS TOO EXPENSIVE: South Africa can’t afford a R1-trillion nuclear deal. Government should rather look at more affordable and feasible energy options. The plan does not contribute to the empowerment of average citizens and will negatively affect state spending on basic services. WILL LEAD TO MORE GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION: I am concerned that the proposed nuclear deal will lead to more government corruption as it involves so much money. Coupled with secret government deals and too little effort to ensure substantial public participation – this energy plan is a recipe for disaster. THERE ARE SAFER, MORE INCLUSIVE ENERGY OPTIONS AVAILABLE AND BETTER SUITED TO OUR SITUATION: I oppose this plan because I believe that we should rather invest our efforts in developing (and innovating) in Renewable Energy (RE) technology. With the abundant supply of sun, wind and water, SA has the opportunity to develop as a leader in RE. The current proposed plan lacks foresight and vision, and ignores international energy trends. FUTURE GENERATIONS DEPEND ON ME: I believe that I should speak-up for my family and loved ones. I don’t want my children (future generations) to be left with the enormous debt or suffer the consequences of the decision to go nuclear. ALL SOUTH AFRICANS SHOULD HAVE A VOICE IN THEIR ENERGY FUTURE: I believe that government has manipulated the process, corrupting the Electricity Plan modelling so that it forces nuclear into the mix, not matter what the people say. I reject the process and demand proper, open and transparent public participation which ensures that all South Africans can have their say. GOVERNMENT DID NOT SUFFICIENTLY DRIVE PUBLIC EDUCATION ON ISSUES OF ENERGY: Not enough effort was made to educate citizens about the ALL the available and feasible options for the energy plan. It is the State’s duty to ensure that citizens understand the social, economic and environmental impacts of each option, for both the short and long term. This education would help us all choose better. ESKOM IS NOT TO BE TRUSTED: The DoE has put Eskom in charge of procurement, yet Eskom continues to be marred by issues of mismanagement. I disagree with the DoE putting such an expensive deal in the hands of Eskom.

Yours Sincerely,


South African Citizen

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Download template here: Public Comment_Letter Template