Renewing our commitment to Creation for Easter

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Easter is an affirmation of Life.  That is why it is a time of rejoicing. It had seemed that the forces of darkness, corruption, greed, self-serving power seeking, violence and evil had triumphed at the crucifixion.  Through the resurrection of Jesus God showed that love, compassion, caring, other-centeredness, non-violence and co-operation are God’s way.  Jesus had shown that Light and Life and Love is God’s way, overcoming evil and darkness.  Jesus came that we may know God’s love and know that God’s purpose is the establishment of God’s Kingdom on Earth.  This is what Christians pray every day in the Lord’s Prayer.

And this way of life and compassion and caring is for all of life.  Is not Life about Life on this planet Earth, the only planet we know that has life and the only one we can live on?  And is not Life a most wonderful miracle on this amazing planet of such beauty, variety, intricacy, and abundance? But are we not threatening life – all of life, not only our human well-being – through our rapacious greed and disregard for the rest of life?

We cannot survive, never mind flourish, if we destroy our life-support systems of clean air and water, fertile soil and abundant varieties of plant and animal life.

Pope Francis in his wonderful Encyclical Laudato Si has said that we must care for all of creation. Caring goes far beyond stewardship.  Caring is loving, cherishing, protecting, preserving and being compassionate to and for all life.

South Africa and the planet is in a precarious position. May this Easter be a time when we make a renewed commitment to care for one another and all of life.  In St John’s Gospel we read “For God so loved the world”, in Greek, the Cosmos – that is all of life, not just us humans.

But this love is for all people, of all faiths and none, all who want to affirm life and love on this beautiful planet, our wonderful and unique home.

Blessings be upon us.

Bishop Geoff