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The Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa (AFSA), a network of 35 groups in Africa, is calling on the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, U.S. government and other donors to stop funding harmful industrial agriculture and shift their funding and policy advocacy to support African-led efforts to expand agroecology.


  • See African groups’ letter to AGRA donors
  • Press advisory for Sept. 2 event to discuss defunding AGR
  • XXX ally groups from XXX countries are supporting AFSA’s call to stop funding the African green revolution 
  • The letter will be delivered next week to the African Green Revolution Forum, a fundraising event sponsored by private donors, chemical companies and other business interests claiming they will present a “single coordinated African voice” to the UN Food Systems Summit.  

Key articles by the Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa 



African faith leaders ignored by Gates Foundation 

In June, the Southern African Faith Communities’ Environment Institute and nearly 500 African faith leaders sent an open letter to the Gates Foundation asking them to stop funding industrial agriculture in Africa. They received no response. 


University research confirms Green Revolution’s failures

Research published last year confirmed that AGRA was “failing on its own terms,” with slow productivity growth, persistent poverty, and rising hunger. AGRA has failed to provide evidence to refute the findings.



Worsening hunger

Hunger in AGRA’s target countries rose more than 30% since 2006, according to UN data. The sharp rise in hunger occurred even as African governments spent as much as $1 billion per year subsidizing the “green revolution” package of commercial seeds and agrichemicals. 

According to the 2021 UN hunger report, two thirds of the people in Sub-Saharan Africa in 2020 did not have reliable access to adequate food, and nearly a third of them suffered severe food insecurity.


UN experts urge shift to agroecology 


 More Resources 

  • Farmer voices (video compilation)
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Conclusion – Mariann

AGRA funders contacted by AFSA in June : Private foundations: Gates Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, Raikes Foundation; Corporate foundations: IKEA Foundation, Mastercard Foundation, Yara; Bilateral Donors: U.S. Agency for International Development; the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (UK); Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (Germany); Global Affairs Canada, International Development Research Centre (Canada); Kingdom of the Netherlands; the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD

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