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SAFCEI statement on Xenophobic attacks

God calls us to live in harmony and peace with one another and all of creation. SAFCEI, the Southern African Faith Communities Environment Institute, condemns the xenophobic attacks in the strongest possible terms. Life on this planet flourishes where there is diversity. Equally, human society is enriched by diversity. We all benefit from the varieties […]

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Shell gets cold feet in the Karoo

By Dr Stefan Cramer, SAFCEI Science Advisor Royal Dutch Shell is pulling its top shale-gas people out of South Africa, was the screaming headline news in the Sunday Times last weekend. It is yet the strongest indication that gas companies in the Karoo are growing increasingly frustrated with government over delays in shale-gas legislation. The […]

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Nuclear energy bad for state of our nation

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”  Add prayerful to thoughtful and Prof Margaret Mead’s oft used quote describes SAFCEI’s objective of shifting the South African government’s energy priorities from nuclear to renewables.  The dedicated Earth Keepers who hold anti-nuclear […]

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Mc Carthy Samalani – an island in a flood.

When Mc Carthy Jailos Samalani of the Islamic Organisation for Health and Development (ISOHEDE) based in Malawi participated in SAFCEI’s Environment Advocacy Training (FLEAT) in November 2014 he already had a broad understanding of environment issues and the human causes and costs. He returned to Malawi inspired by the leadership training and the sessions on […]

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