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Last week, our FLEAT regional group member, Kelly Ngeti, attended a youth climate change conference in Kenya.


Kelly, a member of the Catholic faith and Center for Sustainable Development – Kenya (Cesud-ke) had the following to say:

Over the past week I have had an opportunity to engage with other youth leaders across Kenya in finding ways and means of improving our efforts in combating climate change. Climate change is the single most dangerous phenomena that will affect every human regardless of their gender, age and social status. While Africa is the lowest contributor of carbon emissions and fossil fuels Africa will however suffer the most the impacts of climate change. I acknowledge the efforts being done by different organizations, institutions and individuals in mitigating and adapting but we need to strive to achieve more in a very short time otherwise the effects will be irreversible and the future will never be the same again.

Counties must now move with urgent speed to put in place their climate change policies and acts so as to provide a clear guideline and road map for organizations to effectively put up actions within the counties but also be able to benefit from the large climate fund kitty that is available from the treasury.

Later on I had an engagement with the coastal region delegates to which we tentatively agreed to fasten the efforts to have a one umbrella body that will not support and guide other organizations in their work but also protect the coast region from predators who have positioned themselves to use this region for their personal gain. I note with great concern how several individuals have come up with briefcase organizations and purport to undertake conservation activities in the coast region only to swindle the money once channeled their way.

And so because climate change is not an individual problem we must ensure that each penny meant to support mitigation or adaptation activities is put to proper and effective use. Those who are in this field from the region let’s engage.

Finally I urge each one to to join these efforts in your small and local way, because the fight against climate change will not be won by one individual but by the efforts, good will and consistency of all of us.

#climateaction #Beatpollution #youth4climateaction.


From the organization Center for Sustainable Development – Kenya (Cesud-ke) and representing the Catholic faith, Kelly Ngeti, was one of the first recipients of the FLEAT trainings in 2015.  In January 2019, Ngeti came up with a concept focusing on solid waste management through developing video memes. The objective was to sensitize women and the entire population of Mombasa on proper waste management disposals methods, effects of waste on land, humans, water livelihood and the effects of the deforestation of the mangrove forest.


Read more about Kelly and his FLEAT journey here:



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